Slush Molding

Our slush molding manufacturing line was installed primarily to manufacture PVC seat bellows for trucks, forklifts and ATV’s, etc. However we have found a growing demand for this process as our customers like the level of detail achievable on the external surfaces of their components. Many of our customers feel that the opportunity of branding and adding value to their products makes this an exciting and cost effective alternative to injection molding.

Slush molding is a closely related but somewhat different technique to dip molding and is used for the production of flexible and semi-rigid moldings, where a detailed surface finish is required on the outside of the molding. A dip molding coats the outside of the tool and slush molding coats the inside of the tool. The process needs primarily electroformed tools and it is because such tooling is inexpensive, by comparison with injection or blow molding, that small and medium quantities can be cost effectively molded while allowing considerable design freedom.

Typical applications are bellows, gear shift covers, toys, dolls heads, mannequin models, containers, large gaiters and many others.

Materials used in Slush Molding