Dip Molding

As our company name suggests, we started out as purely dip molders. Over the years we have amassed a vast collective knowledge and experience of this process. Our range of machinery gives us the flexible manufacturing capabilities to service almost any customer requirements, so if your enquiry is for between 1 and 10,000,000 dip moldings, we have you covered.

  • We can mold standard parts up to 60 inches in length or larger by special arrangement.
  • We can print directly onto your part to either raise your brand awareness, add product value or even to conform to required regulation.
  • Our dip moldings can have a glossy, textured or matte finish and can be made in any color.
  • We offer free tooling design
  • All our tools are made in house

We carry a standard range of PVC products which include grips, caps, sleeves, shrouds and corner protectors.

Dip molding is essentially a technique for the economical production of flexible and semi-rigid PVC components. It is particularly suitable for medium and small quantities, but it should also not be ignored for large volume as it can be competitive compared to injection molding.

The process needs only simple aluminum tooling, shaped by machining or casting, to the internal dimensions of the required molding. It is because such tooling is inexpensive by comparison, for instance with injection molding, that small and medium quantities can be produced economically. Complex shapes can be molded allowing considerable design freedom, but if you are unsure if dip molding is the right process give us a call. We can help and the call is free!