Neoprene Molding

As an extension to our PVC dip molding capabilities we also offer dip molding with neoprene. While the theory behind the process is the same, the science is different. Our years of experience in this field, coupled with our large manufacturing capacity, mean that we can easily accommodate your requirements.

The elastic characteristic of Neoprene is one of the main differences when compared with PVC and this is important where, for instance, a product has to be considerably stretched during fitting. The high elongation-at-break and low modulus are also beneficial in such an application.

Neoprene has generally higher solvent resistance than PVC, particularly to aliphatic hydrocarbons such as gas & oil. It can also be used at higher temperatures and in the range -40°C to 100°C shows less variation in properties.

Currently our maximum mold size is approx 17 cubic inches. Most of our Neoprene moldings are matte black, with other colors available if desired.