Dip Coating

Essentially, dip coating is the same as dip molding except that you provide us with the parts that require coating and they act as the tool. Our dip molding skills and experience transfer seamlessly to our coating service and our capabilities include

  • We can coat standard items up to 60 inches in length or larger by special arrangement.
  • We can print directly onto your part to either raise your brand awareness, add product value or even to conform to required regulation.
  • Our dip coatings can have a glossy, textured or matte finish.
  • Your part can be coated in any color.
  • We can formulate the PVC used to coat your product to give a variety of thickness or shore hardness (durability).

Dip coatings are usually used to

  • Protect from corrosion, weather, dust or chemicals.
  • Provide comfort or ease of use. Our PVC is softer than bare metal & easier to grip.
  • Insulate either for heat (Nobody likes cold steel tools!) or electrical (e.g. bus bars – see www.insulboot.com).
  • Cushion and reduce noise.
  • Make parts more aesthetically pleasing.

We have a wide range of colors and a wide range of material characteristics from antifungal and antistatic to U.V. resistance to FDA approved materials.  So for any dip coating needs you may have, – we have you covered – Literally.

Products we currently coat include clips, brackets, handles, bus bars, castings, hand tools, machine parts, exercise machines, plumbing fittings, children’s outdoor play equipment, metal racking and wires.