Company History

Plastic Dip Moldings Inc in its current state was born out a previous enterprise based in Doylestown, PA that was incorporated in 1977. Incorporated in its own right in 1992, Plastic Dip Moldings moved into part of its current building and established a simple dip molding manufacturing line.
We have worked hard over the last 22 years developing our products and services to make us one of the leading dip molders in the US today. We have expanded our range of plastic manufacturing processes and despite the pre conception of our name, we now offer one of the most comprehensive moldings services from a single company in the US today.
As well as providing a custom molding service to our customers, we have established our Insulbootbrand focusing on our range of switchgear and busbar insulation products.
We have continued to invest in new processes and efficient technology to bring the most complete and cost effective solution to our customers today.
Today, just as in 1992 when we started, our mainstay values are quality and service and we are proud to hold amongst our employees, people who have worked with us since the original company started in 1977.